Visualisations from twitter hashtags

H818 Activity 2.4: Visualisation

This exercise was to gain some insight into the use of visualisations from data.

I used Portwiture ( and created two visualisations from two work Twittter hashtags: #the_iog and #iog_saltex

On Saturday 10th October the visualisations appeared very random and nothing really resonated as being immediately relevant to the two hashtags, although they did with the words that were frequently used at the time with the hashtags, so I suppose it represented the words rather than the context of the site.

The results of the visualisations were initially quite abstract, but could certainly be used as a starting point for some creative thinking, ‘thinking outside the box’, especially for a marketing strategy or promotional activities around our work.

On Monday 12th October I ran the same hashtags and the pictures came up a lot more relevant on #the_iog, mostly dealing with sports activities, although the #iog_saltex was still pretty abstract and not relevant.

To be more helpful, I suppose a better algorithm for word association with the actual context of the hashtag, but I expect this is very complex matter to solve.

Depending upon the hashtag used and key words it comes up with that are used within that hashtag then it might be possible to build up a profile of a person or organisation, possibly more of the way they might think and behave rather than an actual physical ‘collage type’ picture of their appearance.

Since carrying out this exercise I’ve found some other tools for twitter analysis and visualisations so will explore with these a bit further to see if I can gain more insight into their use rather than abstract use as previously. Worth a try!

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