Turf Management and the letter Q!

Letter Q

Letter Q

Can’t think of much starting with the letter Q in turf management, well here’s a few – clearly there are more, but it is a bit limited, so an easy one for a quick article!

Quadraplay                                 A make of tractor mounted (via the three-point linkage) frame which can have up to four types of different implements attached, including a flexible comb, a range of rakes, drag brush, spiker, slitter, lute, roller or spiked roller. The width of the frame is 1.4m, with a length of 1.1m. It is manufactured by SISIS.

Quadrat                                        A frame, typically square, which is divided into equal squares to help in the accurate assessment of an area. A quadrat can be used to assess the ground coverage, along with identified species of plants, disease, or pest within the quadrat. Typical sizes for grass surfaces are: 0.5mx0.5m; 0.75mx0.75m; and 1.0mx1.0m. Each will typically be divided into 100 squares.

Quaking-Grass                           A common Perennial grass, with the scientific name of Briza media. The leaf is Flat or rolled, having a typical width of 2-4mm. The Ligule is Membranous, being 0.5-1.5mm in length; Auricle?:No. Growth type is Rhizomatous.

Quack Grass                                The American name for the common Couch Grass (known as such in the UK).

Qualibra                                       A proprietary wetting agent with both penetrant (10%) and polymeric (90%) properties. The application rate is 20 l/ha in a water volume of 400-1000 litres per hectare.

Quality                                          An expression of a grade of something. An additional descriptor needs to be added because it may mean Basic Quality, Low Quality, Standard Quality, High Quality, or any other interpretation.

Quality Assurance                    A process which aims to prevent errors, defects and problems arising in products and services.

Quality Control                          A process to detect defects, errors or problems and either reject a product or prevent a service from falling any further below desired standards. Once an issue had been identified, then as part of a quality management system, steps would be taken to improve the situation.

Quartz                                         The main component of sand, having the chemical composition of SiO2(Silicon Dioxide).

Quinoclamine                            A selective herbicide for the control of moss on golf greens and tees only.

Quintozene                                 A contact fungicide which is no longer approved for use on turf in the UK.

Plus some Turfgrass cultivars:

  • Quatro: Sheep’s Fescue
  • Queens: Perennial Ryegrass
  • Quintet: Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • Qunita: Chewings Fescue

Chris Gray, 30th April 2019