H818 course reflections

The EMA has been submitted and now it’s time to relax a little. Without doubt this was more challenging than the TMAs, thinking and writing more in first rather than third person certainly isn’t the norm for me.

The most stand out feature of the course has been the positive critiques and help provided by all students. Sharing and collaboration has been given and received openly and freely by all – ‘shifted reciprocity’ in action as envisaged by Weller I’d say. This approach is certainly something which would benefit the industry I work in, which unfortunately is very much one for emphasising the negatives and saying what can’t be done rather than looking to find solutions and identify what can be done. Looking on the positive side, perseverance will no doubt pay off though.

One aspect of my project was that of self-determined learning (‘Heutagogy’) which I think was demonstrated by the process we undertook to create and then develop our projects. This wasn’t self-directed learning (‘Andragogy’) but was managed by each learner, ably facilitated by our tutors, in my case Simon. This heutagogical learning approach is one way in which I think learners can be stretched and challenged to much greater achievements. In particular with the pervasiveness of web technology they now have the potential to be fully immersed into a learning process, thoroughly engaging with their personal development and ultimately life-long learning.

Having the freedom to choose your own learning journey, in the context of the project, was very fulfilling and motivating, yet at the same time there was an underlying element of uncertainty in what I was doing. Was I actually on the right path to achieve a suitable outcome? I think the end product showed that I was.

The number of design and Web tools which were identified as potentially for use for our project, poster and presentation was enormous. Experimenting with some and discounting many was a project in itself. Mind you I’ve noted quite a few that can be of use to demonstrate different types of learning. This will all add a good variety of methods which should further engage learners and maintain their attention.

A really useful feature was the dyslexia font which was mentioned in Susan’s presentation http://opendyslexic.org/ which I wasn’t aware of beforehand and will aim to add this as an accessibility option within any web development.

Looking back on all the projects everyone undertook, http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloudscape/view/2945,  I can see a lot of synergy between many and there is an argument to incorporate several into a much larger open project.

Hopefully this H818 ‘The Networked Practitioner’ module will be successful and see me gain the Post Graduate Certificate in Online and Distance Education. Developing onto the post-graduate diploma and then the MA is the next route, so time to reflect for a February 2017 start to the next module and determine how best to pass on the skills I’ve learnt from this course and many other ones to others.

I’d like to thank everyone for their help during the course and wish everyone success in future ventures as well. Thank you. Chris






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