Groundsmanship : More than just mowing!

With the common perception that all a groundsman does is mow grass (which they might do for say 50% of the time, in very general terms), I thought I’d create a mind map to provide a picture of what knowledge, skills and features are needed to effectively deliver a groundmanship role.

Popplet is currently my online mind mapping tool of choice, so I created a ‘Groundsmanship: Knowledge and Skills ecosystem’ at

Groundsmanship ecosystem

Groundsmanship ecosystem

The original mind map was created on 16th May, so this will change over time as I add more features. To keep some order to the ecosystem I included 10 categories to encompass the features of the role of a groundsman/ groundsperson.

  1. Sports and amenity surfaces
  2. Digital technologies
  3. Soil science
  4. Plant science
  5. Environmental issues
  6. Technological developments
  7. Machinery and equipment
  8. Legislation and regulations
  9. Personal development
  10. Material

Groundsmanship: The full mind map

The amount of interaction and understanding of each category will vary depending upon the level an individual has reached in their job role, however, it clearly illustrates there is more to groundsmanship than just mowing the grass!

Chris Gray, May 22, 2016

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