Formats for project development

H818 Activity 3.2: Examples of formats

I’ve put a file in OpenStudio (as requested for this activity) which identifies examples of 3 different formats which I have found useful and directly relevant to the development idea of my project.

The strong theme that is coming out is that the practical application of appropriate technology to encourage collaborative learning enhances the learner experience and provides opportunities to engage and motivate learners in lifelong learning, although there are many challenges in creating an effective learning platform.

  1. Paper or case study

EbrahimRahimi, Jan van den Berg, Wim Veen, Facilitating student-driven constructing of learning environments using Web 2.0 personal learning environments, Computers & Education, Volume 81, February 2015, Pages 235-246, ISSN 0360-1315,


Tags: Web 2.0; Personal learning environments; Personalizing learning; Self-regulated learning; Collaboration; Engaging learners;

This paper explores the use, and identifies benefits and challenges (of which there are many), of web 2.0 tools in enhancing the learner experience and furthering learner engagement.

This is a core principle of my project and the paper has helped me reflect on potential opportunities that a collaborative learning approach in a web-based environment may have within the context of what I am looking at. Really helpful.

2. Multimedia or demonstration

I’ve chosen a couple of youtube videos which focus on collaboration activities.

a) Online collaborative learning (Time 3:30), which identifies what’s needed for this to be a success

Tags: Collaborative learning; online learning; learning skills; social skills; learner interaction;

b) Emerging Trends in Education: Collaborative Tools and Technology (Time 7:38), which also provides some interesting insight into how to make this work and succeed.

Tags: Web 2.0; Collaborative learning; Teachers as facilitators; Workplace collaboration; Learning communities; Social learning; SOCIAL; Collaborative technologies;

3. Learning activity or workshop

I’ve chosen a couple of SlideShare workshop presentations as they focus on the application of web 2.0 tools for learning, especially as a means to engage a learner


Tags: Web 2.0; Online learning; Learner interaction;


Tags: Learning process; Learner centred; Shared experiences; Emergent learning environment;Learning 3.0;

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