Digital Learning for today’s students

I’m currently researching how web technology is changing the face of learning for students, primarily as supporting evidence for my H818 project which is titled (draft) ‘OpenTurf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning‘.

Engaging learners so they are excited and want more from their learning experience is a challenge for any tutor, teacher or lecturer. To help inform me on my own journey, I’ve just viewed a really interesting video titled “Digital Age Learning – The Changing Face of Online Learning” Dr Steve Wheeler (CSEDU 2014) (56 minutes)

digital learning

Digital learning

This explores the use of some web 2.0 tools, social media in particular, and learning theories, especially focusing on transformational learning, which is critical learning such as analysis and evaluation (i.e. understanding the why of something) and is used as a focus to really get learners engaged with their learning.

The use of social media for learning, with user generated content being wrapped up in what Dr Wheeler terms Learning 2.0,  is a modern way of engaging learners proactively in the learning process. He argues about the importance of students developing skills and competencies into higher level capabilities (digital literacy and mastery) to adapt to, ever changing, digital environments.

Learners taking control of their learning through self-determined learning (heutagogy) is a key aim of my project and the video presentation resonates strongly with what I am aiming to achieve with my project. This is certainly an area that I believe has massive potential within the groundsmanship industry and will be a challenge for training providers to truly meet the needs of learners for the 21st Century (even though we are already 15 years into it!).


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