Conference presentation: Raising awareness

The time is approaching (17th February) for my Open University online conference presentation for the course H818 The networked practitioner

‘Open Turf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning’, is the title of the presentation and I have been busy raising awareness of the conference and my presentation through the OU OpenStudio platform, which is only available to course students, as well as plenty of Twitter activity. This has routinely increased the number of views to the site and presentation abstract, but I hadn’t noticed any incremental increase. Time for a different approach then.

On the 10th February I uploaded my presentation to SlideShare and tweeted this the following evening; a significant increase in views was recorded within 24 hours – about a 20% increase which was the largest jump seen in a single day.

Tweet for SlideShare presentation being uploaded

Tweet for SlideShare presentation being uploaded

Making sure key hashtags and words appears within a tweet has helped the awareness raising.

Now that the presentation is on SlideShare this will also increase awareness from another platform, less than 2 days after uploading and there have been 57 views:

SlideShare analystics of presentation - day 2

SlideShare analystics of presentation – day 2

Five more days to go, so still time to continue to increase awareness.

Here is an embedded link to my presentation:

A description of the slides and narrative of the presentation will follow in a future blog.

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