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Open data – use it for fun or serious business decisions

Data are (yes it’s plural) everywhere, but what is available as ‘open data’ is also vast. “Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share. Simple as that. When big companies or governments release non-personal data, it enables small businesses, citizens and medical researchers to develop resources which make crucial improvements to their communities.” (The Open Data Institute, Where can you find open data? Well, local authorities, Governing Bodies and Government funded research projects provide a wealth

Coding skills in courses and for the workplace

Having the ability to code (e.g. HYML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery) and programme (e.g. PHP, MY/SQL, Python,) to gain the most out of digital technology is a skill increasing being required within the workplace. Gaining specialist skills in cybersecurity are seen by one author as being a good investment if you want to “assure 50 years of steady, well-paying employment” (Alec Ross, 2016 ‘The industries of the future’, p.150), although here I am considering the more general aspects of coding and

Improving accessibility to expert guidance

With the continuing cost savings being made by Local Authorities in leisure provision, especially that of sports surfaces and green space, along with limited resources for many sports clubs in maintaining their pitch or green to a safe and appropriate standard, there is a need to revisit how the large knowledge evidence base related to turfculture / grounds care, that has accrued over the years, can be made more easily accessible to users. The knowledge base is not a secret, but the ability to

Live search of turf standards

For some time now (we are talking years by the way) I’ve had a database (MySQL) sitting on the web with most of the performance standards for sports and amenity turf surfaces. I wanted to learn a bit about live search and querying of different databases (well different tables within a database) so decided this would make a good little project with a useful outcome. Performance standards for sports turf and amenity surfaces are available from a range of organisations,

Profession, Professional, Expert, Specialist

I’ve just started reading ‘The future of the professions’ by Richard and Daniel Susskind (2017) and it’s really gripping stuff. Within a few pages I’m already starting to reflect on how some of the terms they’ve introduced to set the foundations for the book might be contextualised to the groundsmanship industry. At first I didn’t give much thought to it, but then stopped and took a second take, so to speak. We all know there are plenty of professional groundstaff