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Sustainability and the value of amenity and turfgrass surfaces

If we are to engage with the concept of sustainability, in particular managing a grass surface for sustainability, we can do no better than starting by having an understanding of the difference between the types of grass surface we might be dealing with, as well as the many benefits that are provided by natures beautiful carpet, i.e. natural grass, which has been managed by humankind. Groundsmanship primarily deals with two main types of grass surface: amenity grass and turfgrass/sportsturf surfaces. These surfaces can be

Sustainability: What’s it about?

Sustainability and its variants certainly cause some confusion and I would also suggest regular misuse across much of the business community and turfgrass industry. Considering the confusion which surrounds the variations and meanings of the term ‘sustainability’, there’s little wonder this happens. The aim of this article, and subsequent ones, is to explore the issue of sustainability, providing answers to many questions, but also to encourage further debate and reflection on the concept of sustainability. One of the most well

Pitch presentation: Impact on sustainability

Has the drive for a ‘perfect pitch’ negatively impacted on pitch sustainability? We all want to see a well-presented sports pitch, but have we taken our eye off the bigger picture of sustainability by trying to create a perfect pitch (however that actually is defined)? I’ve been thinking about the Performance Quality Standards framework which is used as an objective measure of the condition of a pitch. One of the three categories within the framework deals with ‘Presentational Quality’; the others

Pitch Carrying Capacity v Playability

The carrying capacity of a pitch is a statement of the sustainability of maximum usage that does not cause an unacceptable reduction in the playing quality of the pitch. [Note: Sustainability is a contested and interesting concept to explore in its own right. This is a frequently overused and misused term within the turf and grounds care industry.] We all want to play on a football pitch which is of a good quality, but there will be times when it

Challenges facing Groundsmanship

A few thoughts on some issues that are challenging those involved in groundsmanship – in no particular order: Reducing local authority (as well as at private and volunteer clubs) budgets being made available to maintain amenity and sports surfaces. There is a minimum input required to maintain a surface to a suitable and safe standard, although wasting money and resources on ineffectively thought out and applied practices is not a helpful image when it occurs. Climate change – changing patterns of rainfall and intensity