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Coding skills in courses and for the workplace

Having the ability to code (e.g. HYML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery) and programme (e.g. PHP, MY/SQL, Python,) to gain the most out of digital technology is a skill increasing being required within the workplace. Gaining specialist skills in cybersecurity are seen by one author as being a good investment if you want to “assure 50 years of steady, well-paying employment” (Alec Ross, 2016 ‘The industries of the future’, p.150), although here I am considering the more general aspects of coding and

Learning – What is it?

We all seem to learn something everyday, in some shape or form, but what actually is meant by learning and how can I improve my own learning experience? The Oxford Dictionary provides a definition for learning [noun] as “The acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.” ( Wikipedia provides a more extensive definition as: “Learning is the act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences which may lead to

The unfairness of funding of tertiary learners: Apprenticeships and degree programmes

Tertiary education: Further education and higher education. I am slightly confused over why the UK Government funds further education apprenticeship programmes, many up to £27,000 for an individual  ( yet does not fund higher education degree courses, which currently attract a tuition fee of £27,750 for an individual for a course ( Why the contrast? The Government’s rationale for higher education tuition fee changes back in 2010 was that “Graduates who have completed their studies and become one of the country’s higher earners

Learning: Questioning and Challenging in Groundsmanship

There is a wealth of learning material available – online or offline – both open access, freely available and in closed platforms, especially those platforms managed by many colleges and Universities: The knowledge base is extremely broad. Knowledge, understanding and then the effective application of that which has been learnt is fundamental to workers who wish to be considered competent, good and capable at their job. However, interpreting and applying knowledge to workplace situations can be daunting, especially where many

Profession, Professional, Expert, Specialist

I’ve just started reading ‘The future of the professions’ by Richard and Daniel Susskind (2017) and it’s really gripping stuff. Within a few pages I’m already starting to reflect on how some of the terms they’ve introduced to set the foundations for the book might be contextualised to the groundsmanship industry. At first I didn’t give much thought to it, but then stopped and took a second take, so to speak. We all know there are plenty of professional groundstaff