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Learning to maintain your Employability Skills

Even though the UK unemployment rate dropped to 3.9% in January 2019, the quality of new jobs is doubtful, with many being zero-hour or self employed ones, typically of low pay and conditions, (report in the Observer Business ‘Why the road to full employment has ended up being lined with food banks’, 24.03.19). Technological, as well as societal, change is rapid and disruptive; keeping yourself adequately skilled within your subject specialism is one area of importance, but with the rapidity of

Data Science and Machine Learning

Vast swaths of data are available, much of this being open data, but how might these be linked together and what might the correlations be between them? Are there any interesting data clusters which machine learning can identify from data and the hundreds of thousand and millions of data points in available data? Without a doubt there are: it’s a matter of thinking about what you might want to achieve, so a bit of visionary thinking or brain storming will

3 Top Terms for 2019

Well, clearly there could be many terms and I suspect the most quoted will be Brexit (but let’s not go there) and related terms, but we are looking at those specific to turf management, so here’s my top 3: 1. Fit for Purpose       Something which is well-suited for the required purpose. The focus in turf management should be on which product will best meet the needs of the customer and their specific requirements; this will clearly include

Action words for Assignments and Communication

Action (also referred to as command or instruction) words form the basis of the requirements for assignments, examinations, general tests or when communicating with others. What do they mean though? Well, this can depend not just upon who has set a test or who you are communicating with but also the level and depth of understanding you are thinking of communicating the required message to. Describing something to a school child will be different to that of an experienced employee

Artificial Intelligence and Learning Course Content

With the ever increasing advance of AI, in particular machine learning (ML), one particular area that seems ripe for exploitation is in the education sector with the co-ordination of course material to meet the specific requirements of course learning outcomes and learning criteria / assessment criteria. There is a vast amount of information and content already available (just think Wikipedia!) – either open source or proprietary – and much of this is most likely lying unused in relation to many