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Lawn update August

A busy month in August with holidays and warm, wet weather in the UK. 4th August: (1715 – 1740) Air temp: 20.1C; Soil temp: 18.8C Grass height: 60mm – 90mm; average = 80mm Grass cut at 40mm height 1 full box of clippings removed Small amount of earthworm activity A few mushrooms in the top part of the lawn Adjoining shrub/flower border hand weeded 7th August: (1330) Air temp: 19.7C; Soil temp: 17.7C Grass height: 45mm – 80mm; average =

Lawn update – 31st July

  Another month coming to a close and over the past week there has been a significant amount of rain to help water my lawn, which is looking decidedly green of late. Saturday 29th July was the last cut and trim of my lawn for the month. 1700: Air temp = 20.1C; Soil temp = 19.6C Grass height measured at mostly between 50mm – 65mm, with a few longer areas scattered about. Unlike some previous mowings there was little if

Lawn update – 27th July

This is a log of the previous 3 weeks of lawn work. The early part of this period saw very dry and hot weather with it turning to heavy rain and cooler over this past week. 7th July: 1600: Air temp – 22.8C; Soil – 22.7C; Grass height mostly around 55mm; cut height = 40mm; Very small amount of clippings removed after the cut – about 1/8th box only. I took this last photograph to illustrate what 40mm cut grass

Lawn update 1st and 4th July

1st July – routine maintenance continues on my lawn; still looking good ,especially with no artificial watering at all. 0930 – very few weeds on the lawn, mostly young ones – clover and dandelion, but just a few so I’m continuing with hand weeding as this shows how effective it can be if carried out routinely and without the need for pesticide applications. The grass height was mostly 60mm, although some – very few – had put a burst on and were

Lawn update – 29th June – part b

24th June: Soil temp: 18.9C; Air temp: 21.4C (time data taken 1045) Grass height before mowing – mostly 50mm Cut height 40mm; about 1/8th of a box of clippings. It has been very dry and warm for some time now and it’s getting hotter. Some of the lawn edge is certainly ready for another trim with the long handled edging shears. I thought I’d try a simple experiment and check the moisture reading for two distinct areas of the lawn: dry