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Reflections on project development

H818 Activity 7.3 The project concept has been consistent from the start of the course in October 2015, however, significant improvements have been made due to the constructive feedback from the networking practice undertaken in H818. Early feedback comments considered issues such as the longevity of current social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and how this might impact on the currency of the platform. I have addressed this by having my platform to act as a hub which also includes

Abstract for OU H818 Online Conference February 2016

Here’s the final draft for my abstract for the up and coming OU Conference in February 2016 An online poster for my presentation is currently hosted on Padlet. “Open Turf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning” Online innovations in the form of Web 2.0 tools are ubiquitous, whilst the pace of technological and social change in society appears relentless. How can educators and adult learners embrace these changes to meet the needs

H818 TMA02 short abstract

Here’s my first attempt at the short abstract that will be ultimately be uploaded to Cloudworks as the announcement for my presentation at the February conference. Note the words ‘first attempt’, so I’m sure there will be a lot of reworking, but I’m quite happy to share this as it might help, or not, others on the current Open University H818 course. The word limit is 500, so the abstract is a little over at the moment and will need

OpenTurf (H818) project update

TMA02 Part1 Good progress has been made on developing the ‘proof of concept’ online platform. Originally I was thinking along the lines of having just a comment feature for each individual criteria of the new Apprenticeship Standard (Sports Turf Operative) so that users could add suggestions and links for what they find useful for learning about the specific criterion. After further research I realised this wasn’t really challenging, or engaging enough, so have extended the idea much further. To help

Digital Learning for today’s students

I’m currently researching how web technology is changing the face of learning for students, primarily as supporting evidence for my H818 project which is titled (draft) ‘OpenTurf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning‘. Engaging learners so they are excited and want more from their learning experience is a challenge for any tutor, teacher or lecturer. To help inform me on my own journey, I’ve just viewed a really interesting video titled “Digital