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Dollar Spot

With a bit of time to kill over some annual leave I thought I’d carry out a review of dollar spot, focusing on the UK. A small patch disease which can spread to form larger irregular areas.  It is common on warm-season turfgrasses, especially Bermuda Grasses, and also occurs on cool-season turfgrasses. This used to be a fairly uncommon to rare disease in the UK, however, with the intensification of turf maintenance practices, improving standards, changing working practices (for example,

Sports Turf Maintenance Categories

With such a wide range of maintenance variables which can be practiced to achieve a desirable playing surface, it can seem an almost endless task in trying to categorise these variables in a way that captures the general outcomes and returns from inputs: The following is one approach: Baseline Maintenance, Core Maintenance, Augmented Maintenance, Supplementary Maintenance. Baseline Maintenance  This category is what is needed to maintain a playing surface that is no longer in use but which is likely to