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A – Z of Lawn Care

Here’s my 26 terms or words, one for each letter of the alphabet, which aim to capture the essence of lawn care, although I’m sure there are plenty of other possibilities, so not meant as definitive, just a snap shot: A – Algae A wet slimy organism, especially on damp and shady lawns. The main type found on lawns is called ‘squidge’. B – Brushing Keep your lawn groomed; this helps to knock over worm casts, keeps the grass blades upright, especially

Lawn update – December 5th

Not much activity over November and very little happening at the moment. The last cut was on 3rd November, a full month ago, and the grass height now averaged 55mm in height (it mostly ranged from 50mm-60mm) so an average growth of just 15mm over 30, or so, days. So, for this time of year we are seeing growth reduced to an average of 0.5mm per day, which with just 9 hours of light per day and combined with relatively cold