Monthly Archives: October 2017

Lawn update – October

Unfortunately my mum passed away on 16th October so the desire to think about blog articles has been reduced somewhat. Whilst the temperature is relatively mild for the time of year, the light levels are reducing significantly and temperatures are dropping for grass growth. Just two cuts during October so far, I might get a light topping in before the end of the month but there again it might wait until early November. Sunday October 8th, 12:30: Air temp: 16.0C

Last lawn mowing for September

Well this was the last cut for September, on the 30th: Soil temp = 16.1C; Air temp = 18.6C (time taken 1630) Grass height mostly 65mm (ranging from 60mm – 75mm): cut again at 40mm Grass was damp for all of the day and wet when cut Moss is creeping back into some areas of the lawn (top part) I also carried out a light hand forking – more of a light stabbing of the fork to maybe 40mm depth