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Lawn update – 29th June – part b

24th June: Soil temp: 18.9C; Air temp: 21.4C (time data taken 1045) Grass height before mowing – mostly 50mm Cut height 40mm; about 1/8th of a box of clippings. It has been very dry and warm for some time now and it’s getting hotter. Some of the lawn edge is certainly ready for another trim with the long handled edging shears. I thought I’d try a simple experiment and check the moisture reading for two distinct areas of the lawn: dry

Lawn update – 29th June – part a

Well, 2-weeks from the previous update – actually on the 11th June – and with the weather being very hot and dry for nearly all of this time (except for a small amount of rain over the past 2 days) grass growth and productivity slowed significantly. I’ve split this update into two parts due to the number of photographs. 13th June: Soil temp: 19.2C; Air temp: 18.7C (time data taken 1915) Grass height before mowing – mostly 55mm, some 50mm rarely

Demerits for pitch defects

Just a quick note on the possible use of demerits, in particular, for determining if a product, in this case a natural turf sports pitch, has defects (most will have some defects to some degree – and it is the degree of defect that is the key here) and more importantly if it is ‘fit for purpose’. The current approach for assessing sports pitches is to use Performance Quality Standards to provide an objective measure of what has been produced. The evaluation

Interactive grass identification

Traditional grass identification keys will typically focus on choosing between two options to gradually filter down options. This helps to quite accurately determine the relevant grass species. Sometimes the features included at certain stages of the keys can be difficult to judge by an inexperienced but keen user who goes down a false path and then has to back track. This can be off putting for some. To help make the process easier to follow and introduce some additional criteria

Lawn update – 11th June

It’s just been a matter of keeping on top of the grass growth with regular mowing over the past 14 days. The lawn has been cut at 40mm on 1st, 4th, 9th and 11th June; so 4 times over a period of 14 days, although if I went back an extra day to the 28th May when it was also cut then, so this would be 5 cuts in 15-days. Temperature data taken on those days: 1st: 1500: Air temp =