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Sustainability: What’s it about?

Sustainability and its variants certainly cause some confusion and I would also suggest regular misuse across much of the business community and turfgrass industry. Considering the confusion which surrounds the variations and meanings of the term ‘sustainability’, there’s little wonder this happens. The aim of this article, and subsequent ones, is to explore the issue of sustainability, providing answers to many questions, but also to encourage further debate and reflection on the concept of sustainability. One of the most well

Learning hierarchy

Listening and reading media related to groundsmanship over the past year, and more, makes it clear that there is a distinct difference between knowledge and understanding. One must not be frightened of accepting this but all too often it is convenient to ignore the difference and carry on regardless, yet this is an approach which is now reaping distinctly worrying outcomes. The stages of learning are often represented as a knowledge hierarchy, or similar, such as the DIKW Pyramid, however, knowledge and