Monthly Archives: November 2016

Pitch Carrying Capacity v Playability

The carrying capacity of a pitch is a statement of the sustainability of maximum usage that does not cause an unacceptable reduction in the playing quality of the pitch. [Note: Sustainability is a contested and interesting concept to explore in its own right. This is a frequently overused and misused term within the turf and grounds care industry.] We all want to play on a football pitch which is of a good quality, but there will be times when it

Mobile learning

Back in August I blogged a small piece on nano-learning and how this could potentially be ideal for use as a learning technique on smart phones, especially to help outdoor workers with very limited time for learning; well particularly during their working day anyway. Having read through the latest book on Mobile Learning (Traxler, J. & Kukulska-Hulme, A. (Eds) (2016) ‘Mobile Learning. The Next Generation’), I thought a bit of reflection on the concepts and implementation of some of the projects within an outdoor