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Aim: Successful courses

Continuing to read through ‘Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning’  (Veletsianos, G. (July 2016), Athabasca University Press) I found the concluding statement of chapter 9, which is a quote from a student, captured my attention: “The best part of this course is that it’s not ending. With the connections we’ve built, it never has to end.” This resonates with me in that it projects an image of a student who is excited by what they have learnt and wants to continue in a process of

Emerging technologies: Location based learning

I thought I’d give Pokémon Go a go, so to speak, to see what all the fuss seemed to be about: Purely in the interests of investigative research to provide some initial reflection on what Veletsianos explores in the concept of emerging technologies and emerging practices ( Veletsianos, G. (Ed), (2016)‘Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning’, AU Press). Emerging technology and practices may or may not be new, but they are new to the context in which they are applied. They :