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Groundsmanship Apprentice Standard : Assessment Plan

The efforts of the Groundsmanship Trailblazer employer group are progressing well: I notice that the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has today (29th April 2016) published the ‘Apprenticeship Assessment Plans – April 2016’ which includes the Assessment Plan for the Sports Turf Operative I’ve had a lot of input into formulating the core content of this Assessment Plan and am relieved it has reached the stage it has so far. Mind you it’s been a long journey as

Prototype decision tree for groundsmanship learning

With the wide range of education and training courses available it can be slightly bewildering to many people which course may best suit them at a certain moment in their career: whether just starting out, changing careers, enhancing their existing career or to provide confidence to volunteers in the sterling work they do in tending many sports pitches. I’ve been investigating the principles of decision trees and how an interactive one could be developed online to help people make a more