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H818 Cloudworks discussion points

I’ve already had 7 discussion points and comments made on my project in Cloudworks, so thought it might be helpful to provide some feedback on these to date (19th January). 1. (Wendy) I chose to design a customised web platform to allow for maximum adaptability and flexibility to suit the needs of an evolving platform as my research developed. I do use Moodle for our organisation’s formal learning system and find it an excellent formal learning platform for an organisation

H818 Project: Extended abstract

Here is an extended abstract for my H818 project: “Open Turf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning” Introduction The chosen topic interconnects all the three themes of inclusion, innovation and implementation, although the focus is on innovation. The title of the project was chosen to reflect current pedagogic and web technology developments and how these could be applied and deployed in an open environment. Inclusion is addressed through the provision of

Reflections on project development

H818 Activity 7.3 The project concept has been consistent from the start of the course in October 2015, however, significant improvements have been made due to the constructive feedback from the networking practice undertaken in H818. Early feedback comments considered issues such as the longevity of current social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and how this might impact on the currency of the platform. I have addressed this by having my platform to act as a hub which also includes