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Digital Learning for today’s students

I’m currently researching how web technology is changing the face of learning for students, primarily as supporting evidence for my H818 project which is titled (draft) ‘OpenTurf: The effective use of Web 2.0 technologies in creating a collaborative platform for self-determined learning‘. Engaging learners so they are excited and want more from their learning experience is a challenge for any tutor, teacher or lecturer. To help inform me on my own journey, I’ve just viewed a really interesting video titled “Digital

Innovation: What does that mean?

Having tweeted about innovation the other day (Nov 19, 2015), and also recently completed my first assignment on ‘Innovation and open education’ for my current Open University course (H818), I thought it might be useful to reflect  a bit more on the question of “What makes something an innovation?”. Innovation has several definitions (OED), the most relevant for my consideration are: Innovation {noun} “A change made in the nature or fashion of anything; something newly introduced; a novel practice, method, etc.”

Innovation and open education

This is my essay for TMA01 Part 1 of course H818; not sure if it fully answers the required question, rather than explains more than necessary about the project I am undertaking for the course – oh well, we’ll see what the tutor thinks! I’m quite happy to share this openly and to provide some detailed insight into what I hope to achieve from the course. In addition, I hope it will encourage more employees to engage with the learning process, or at

Draft course project plan

Here’s my draft, incomplete, project plan for my course H818: TMA01 – part 2 (I’ll upload part 1 once I’ve completed it shortly): Hopefully it captures what I’m aiming to achieve with the project. Plan for preparation and initial research stage of the project During October I researched different themes but early on focused on the theme of innovation as I felt this would enhance an evolving industry wide initiative I am facilitating at work. The plan for achievement of the project implementation

Project idea – mind map

This is my project idea for the OU H818 course I’m doing this year (Oct 2015 – March 2016) Right at the start of the course I had an idea of what could be developed as an artefact; essentially an open web based online collaborative learning platform which allows users to comment and provide links (which might be to their own social media accounts or personal learning portfolios, or similar) to specified requirements of an apprenticeship standard, or learning outcomes for a course