Lawn update – 21st May

It’s now 5 weeks since the last lawn update as the renovation work was just completed, so how is it going? Here’s today’s picture: Compared with the 15th April, showing a significantly positive contrast: To finish off the renovation from the 14th April, the following day (the 15th) I then carried out a light forking (25mm – 70mm depth) of the remainder of the lawn – this just took 8 minutes to complete the bottom ‘half’. This was really a

Turfcare industry – A learning community?

With so much happening in the world of politics, a bit of reflection on my own industry sub-sector in relation to what degree is it a learning community, or not. I’m looking at this through the context of a learning lens, based on the topology of Dron & Anderson (2014), briefly seeing how relevant, I think, are the constructs of ‘Collective’, ‘Group’, ‘Network’ and ‘Set’, and also how these relate to a ‘Community’, which is often a term used to describe

Sustainable turfgrass management model -further thoughts

I’ve been developing further the concept for a model which can be used as a learning aid for managers and providers (for example funding parties) of turfgrass surfaces. Effective turf management involves understanding many complex ecological interactions, this model aims to simplify these so they are more understandable and demonstrable. An additional anticipated benefit is that the model could be used to demonstrate to non-experts the impacts and consequences of various actions that can occur on a sports surface: particular questions to be

Lawn update 14th April

The weather was overcast, very little sun breaking through, but dry until later when it did rain as was forecast, but I decided this was a good time to get the final renovation work completed. I carried out mechanical scarification to really get out the bulk of the moss and surface debris. The hand springbok rake did a reasonable job but I realised that something heavier duty was needed. The depth setting for the scarifier was light, about 4mm. There

Lawn update 9th April

Just catching up on updating activities on Sunday. The entire lawn was raked with the springbok rake to mostly remove some more moss. Five minutes of intensive raking was certainly enough to treble rake the top part of the lawn and remove a reasonable amount of moss, the bottom part of the lawn was just raked once. The heavy raking certainly made the area look untidy, but it was doing a great job. I had a closer look at the moss