The aim of this blog is to offer some thoughts on technology and learning within Groundsmanship. Plenty of scope here for  blogging and discussions as this can cover web technology, which is where I am initially focusing my efforts on, through to physical technology of materials or equipment and what might be considered effective learning practices.

The ultimate purpose though is to encourage collaborative learning, especially that which engages with lifelong learning, with a particular focus on learners determining the direction they want to take in achieving a desired outcome, rather than following a ‘learning journey’ which has been devised by someone else. I’ll be exploring the concept of self-determined learning (heutagogy) in another post.

What is a blog posting? Well I wasn’t sure to begin with, but with the inspiration for blogging coming from an Open University course H818 ‘The networked practitioner’, (studied during the period October 2015- March 2016); I’m following the lead of Martin Weller here who explains that, “A post can vary from a link to an essay; it can be a commentary on someone else’s work, a piece of parody, a research finding, a suggestion, an appeal for contributions and so on” (Weller: 60).

Weller, M. (2011). Researchers and New Technology. In The Digital Scholar: How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice (pp. 52–63). London: Bloomsbury Academic. Retrieved October 30, 2015, from http://dx.doi.org/10.5040/9781849666275.ch-005



I set up a Twitter account in October to run in parallel with the course, with a particular emphasis on further exploring the uses of social media within a collaborative learning perspective : https://twitter.com/ChrisGray1066 ; A year later (2016 – December) and the tweeting is still going strong!

This blog and the twitter account are my own personal views and must not be taken as being representative of the views, implied or otherwise, of my employed role, or that of my employer. Just to make that clear.